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Sheriff's Office - Charleston County, South Carolina
Special Operations

In case of an Emergency dial 911






The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is committed to take every reasonable measure necessary to ensure the rights and safety of each transported individual are preserved, while assuring that persons in custody do not escape, are not injured, and do not injure others-and that the safety of transporting personnel and the general public are not endangered.

The Transportation Officers travel an average of about 12,000 miles a month, moving some two hundred or more inmates.

The Transportation Team is comprised of one Supervisor and eight Detention Officers.  



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The Classification Staff manages new inmate orientation and is responsible for determining the housing assignments of all inmates. Housing assignments are continually reevaluated for the safety and security of the staff and inmates.

After the Booking process is complete, each newly admitted inmate is moved to the Classification Housing Unit. While assigned to this unit each inmate receives a copy of the Inmate Rules and Regulations and a video-taped orientation about the Detention Center. Inmates are interviewed by Classification Staff to determine appropriate housing unit and classification assignment. The Classification ratings are Maximum, Medium, and Minimum. Ratings are reviewed every ninety days or when there is a change in the inmate’s conduct or charges. The Classification Staff approves the movement of any inmate from one housing unit to another.

The Classification Staff is comprised of one Lieutenant, one Supervisor and five Detention Officers.



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The initial contact with the detention setting can be and often is a very difficult experience to an arrested person. It is extremely important that security procedures are followed to ensure the safety of the person arrested, the arresting officer, and Detention Center personnel. Detention Center personnel are committed professionals who will take every opportunity to provide necessary information to a person under arrest.

After charges are reviewed and it is determined that a person is to be committed to the Detention Center, a search must be accomplished. All searches of inmates by Detention Center personnel are conducted with maximum respect and minimum physical discomfort to the inmate as allowed by safety and security considerations. Officers use only the force necessary to affect the search to assure that contraband does not enter the facility.

Booking and Intake Officers screen and interview the inmate during various stages of the booking process in order to obtain necessary data on the inmate to include vital identification and medical information.

To ensure that all inmates’ property is accurately accounted for, an inventory is accomplished for the inmate’s review and signature. Property is securely stored.

All inmates are photographed and fingerprinted.

Newly admitted inmates are permitted at least two telephone calls during the Intake/Booking process. All telephone calls made by inmates are collect.

Additionally, the Booking Staff prepares and monitors inmate movement from the Detention Center to the courts, medical facilities and other facilities for appointments. They account for every inmate leaving and returning to the Detention Center. All transfers of inmates to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, Federal Prisons and other facilities in or out of the state are processed through Booking.

The Booking Staff is comprised of four teams. Each team has one Supervisor and four Detention Officers assigned.



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Releasing and Records

The Charleston County Detention Center is committed to take every reasonable measure necessary to ensure that all inmate releases are accomplished as required under proper legal authority in a timely and efficient manner with regard for safety and security.

If there are no other detainers/holds, inmates are released from the Charleston County Detention Center upon completion of sentence(s); posting of maximum fine prior to bond hearing on magistrate/municipal charges except as precluded by the individual courts; posting of bond(s); receipt of a signed release by judge, magistrate, or Deputy U.S. Marshall; receipt of a court ordered transfer to another correctional facility or military agency; or receipt of a court ordered commitment to a mental health facility.

The Records and Releasing Staff is comprised of one Lieutenant, one Supervisor, four Detention Officers and five civilians.



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Court Security

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is committed to maintaining the appropriate level of security in the courts to protect the integrity of procedures, ensure the physical security of court facilities, and protect the judge, jury, all participants in court proceedings, Charleston County employees, and the general public.

Assigned Detention Staff support Law Enforcement personnel in the courts, maintain the temporary holding facility for inmates awaiting court, and are responsible for transports of inmates to and from the courts.

The Court Security Staff is comprised of one Lieutenant, two Supervisors and twenty-nine Detention Officers.



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