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Sheriff's Office - Charleston County, South Carolina
Security and Administrative Services

In case of an Emergency dial 911





Administrative Services

Supervisory Staff for this Division consists of one (1) Captain, two (2) Lieutenants and three (3) Sergeants. The ultimate responsibility of these supervisors is to ensure Safety and Security of any personnel coming and going from this facility or while visiting on official business. incarcerated personnel are always under close observation and scrutiny.



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Bond Hearing

Court Our Bond Hearing Court, in this Division, consists of three (3) Detention Officers. They're responsible for providing security at the entrance, to include operating a metal detector and maintain proper courtroom order. illegal contraband/items that can be used as weapons is the top priority for prevention into this facility or courtroom. While one officer is posted at the entrance, the second and third officers provide Courtroom security. additionally, escorting Inmates to and from Bond Hearing Court.



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Cash Office Team

This Team consists of nine (9) Detention Officers. Eight of them are assigned to rotating shifts while the other works as Head Cashier on a day shift to oversee all transactions and to ensure accountability. The Cash Office handles all Inmate money along with valuable property from incarcerated personnel.



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Central Control Team

This Team is comprised of 8 Officers and they operate the Control Room or Nerve Center of the Detention facility on a 24-hour basis. They have the responsibility of monitoring all movement throughout a 500,000 square foot facility. utilizing over 100 cameras and directly operating over 50 doors on an average of 8000 times per day to perform this very intense and highly stressful job. They're also responsible for radio dispatching all emergencies occurring within the facility. There are five separate computer systems to ensure the facility is operating at the highest level of security for the safety of all Officers and Inmates.



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Identification Office Team

This Team consists of seven (7) Detention Officers, of which, four are assigned to rotating shifts. Two of the other three officers are assigned to day time shifts to accommodate "Print and Release" subjects. These are people who are arrested and then released after being seen by a Bond Judge. The seventh officer is "quality control" who verifies all photos and prints before they are mailed off to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). The Identification Office is responsible for taking photos and fingerprints of all Inmates or Print and Release subjects, along with applicants (civilians).



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Lobby Office

Our Lobby Office consists of one Detention Officer, but assisted by two alternating civilian volunteers on occasions. Another officer is there to scan incoming boxes or packages while a third officer is assigned as a floater to oversee and observe the 2nd and 4th floor visitation areas. They all deal with the public on a constant basis. This could extend from just answering informational questions to scheduling visits for out of state residents. Validate Identification cards are required to conduct business in this facility. All types of professional personnel are received in this area; attorneys, law enforcement officials, ministers and clergymen, etc... Dress codes, rules and regulations are strictly enforced to gain any kind of access to the inmates.



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Medical Escorts

Medical Escorts in this Division, consisting of two (2) Detention Officers, are responsible for the safety and security of the Medical Department staff. They observe all inmate activity within the Medical Department, especially when being evaluated by a Doctor or Nurse. They also, escort all Inmates from assigned Housing Units and then return them once completed with their medical appointment.



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Tactical Action Control Team

This Team is comprised of twenty-two (22) full time dedicated Detention Officers. They are responsible for operating the facility's Disciplinary/Administrative Segregation Housing Unit which houses up to 100 inmates. They are responsible for the daily care and management of inmates who otherwise cannot be housed in General Population such as suicidal, mental health, protective custody or disruptive behavior. In addition to operating this Unit they're responsible for the physical security of the facility. Highly motivated and trained in tactical operations to include dynamic cell extractions, high-risk inmate movements and transports, hostage recovery, unit cell searches and riot control. They maintain their physical fitness training daily and perform semi-annual physical fitness tests. Annually, the Team receives 96 hours of tactical training in cell extractions, less lethal weapons, riot control, ground defense, Emergency Restraint Belts, Nova Electronic Shield and chemical munitions.



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