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Sheriff's Office - Charleston County, South Carolina
CCDC Support Services

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Support Services


Support Services is comprised of Communications, Inactive Records, Logistics, Environmental, Detention Center Victim Services and all contracted services, including food services, medical services, vending and inmate commissary.

Support Services staff is civilian, Detention Officers and contracted personnel.

Contact Information:

Normal Business Hours:

Ashley Cash, Director of Support Services (843) 529-7332
Inactive Records (843) 529-7320
Logistics/ Environmental (843) 529-7431
Food Services (843) 529-7361
Detention Center Victim Services (843) 529-7471
Commissary (843) 529-7497

24 Hours, 7 Days per Week:
Communications/ Information (843) 529-7300
Medical Services (843) 529-7346
Detention Center Victim Services (843) 412-1433



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Communications and Inactive Records

Vickie King, Communications and Inactive Records Supervisor

Tel: (843) 529-7320


The Communications division is staffed by civilian Law Enforcement Specialists and supervised by a civilian. The division is responsible for answering calls from the public and providing information and assistance as requested.


The Inactive Records division is staffed by a civilian supervisor and a civilian Law Enforcement Specialist. This division maintains, manages and archives released inmate records.


All Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests must be handled through the agency’s Public Information Officer.



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Contracted Services


Aramark Food Services, Food Services

The Detention Center contracted out Food Services in 2001. Currently, all Food Service is provided by Aramark Food Service. Food Service is staffed by contracted personnel and provides opportunities for qualifying male and female inmates to gain work experience while incarcerated. More than 4,000 meals are served daily to both inmates and staff.

Aramark Food Services provides an approved menu, written by a registered dietician which meets the guidelines of the American Correctional Association. All meals are based on the recommended dietary allowances and the dietary reference intakes by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine. An average of 3,000 calories are offered to each inmate per day.

Additionally, Aramark has a policy for sanitation and cooking standards that fall under Quality Assurance Review, to ensure proper food handling and sanitation guidelines are met.

Carolina Center for Occupational Health, Medical Services

The Detention Center has contracted Medical Services since 1996. All Medical Services are provided by the Carolina Center for Occupational Health. Medical Services at CCDC include sick calls (requested by inmates), routine dental care, and chronic care. Medical staff are in house 24/7 to provide round the clock care to the inmates. The facility has a 22 bed inpatient infirmary, licensed by the Department of Health and Environmental Control, for patients requiring skilled nursing. The facility handles medication services with an in house pharmacy and is licensed by the Department of Health and Environmental Control as a Non-Dispensing Drug Outlet. The partnership between Carolina Center for Occupational Health and the Charleston County Detention Center ensure that inmates have access to and receive all necessary medical care in accordance with all constitutional, federal, and state requirements as well as all standards set forth by the State of South Carolina, OSHA, and the Charleston County Detention Center. The medical program at the Charleston County Detention Center is currently accredited by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

McDaniel Supply Company, Inmate Commissary
McDaniel Supply Company was awarded the inmate commissary contract in July, 2004. McDaniel Supply provides all commissary services to inmates. Contracted personnel are on staff 5-days per week. Inmate orders are processed and delivered each week. McDaniel Supply also provides indigent kits to qualifying inmates upon request.

McDaniel Supply has built into its system quality control measures which ensure a 99.9% fill rate. McDaniel Supply Company adheres to the Fair Market Standard in pricing all goods sold at the Detention Center.

Charleston Vending, Facility Vending
Charleston Vending provides all vending machine services to the Detention Center. Contracted personnel do not work on site but are available to assist with various questions and concerns. Questions regarding this service should be directed to the Director of Support Services.



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Logistics and Environmental


Sgt. William Salters
Tel: (843) 529-7413
Fax: (843) 529-7433

Logistics is responsible for both Detention and Law Enforcement acquisition, distribution, maintenance and tracking of capital equipment and consumables.

Logistics is staffed by a Detention Sergeant, a Law Enforcement Sergeant and a civilian assistant.


Logistics is committed to improving the efficiency of allocating supplies and monitoring uses while meeting the supply needs of the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center.


The Environmental Division is staffed by three Detention Officers and supervised by the Detention Logistics Sergeant. The Environmental staff is responsible for distributing supplies throughout the facility, the cleanliness of all common areas and small repairs.


The Environmental division is steadfast in their pursuit to improve the cleanliness of the Detention Center. Their mission is to provide a sanitary, healthy working and living environment for all.



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Victim Services


Phillip Borden, Victim Services Supervisor

Tel: (843) 529-7471


The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is committed to assisting victims and witnesses of crime in a fair, compassionate and dignified manner. Agency personnel will ensure that victims and witnesses of crime are afforded all the rights and entitlements provided by law.


Section 16-3-1530 in South Carolina Code of Laws states that, a department or agency having custody or custodial supervision of a person accused, convicted, found not guilty by reason of insanity, or adjudicated guilty of committing an offense involving one or more victims reasonably must attempt to notify each victim, upon request, of the person’s release, escape or transfer.


Detention Center Victim Services is staffed by civilian Victim Advocates and supervised by the Victim Services supervisor. Detention Center Victim Services is responsible for notifying victims when their accused offenders have been released from the facility under any circumstance.


Victim Services uses the V.I.N.E. (Victim Information Notification Everyday) telephone system to assist with notifications. Victims are registered with V.I.N.E., an automated computer program, which makes an immediate notification when an inmate is released or transferred to another site. By using the V.I.N.E. system, a crime victim can also check on the status of their accused offender at any time. The caller will need the inmate number or first and last names.


Important Information about V.I.N.E.

To register with V.I.N.E., call (866) 727-2846 and follow the automated instructions. A touch-tone telephone must be used to register for automated notification. V.I.N.E. will ask for a telephone number and a four-digit PIN code. You should select a PIN that is easy to remember. Also, you may enter more than one telephone number to ensure that timely notification is made. If you move or change telephone numbers after registering, call the Charleston County V.I.N.E. line to change your information in the system.


When V.I.N.E calls to make notification, enter the four-digit PIN selected upon registration to verify that you have been notified. Once the PIN is entered, the system will provide information regarding the inmate.


If a PIN code is not entered when V.I.N.E. calls or an answering machine picks up, V.I.N.E. will continue to call the registered telephone number for up to 24 hours, until a PIN code is entered.


V.I.N.E. is a free and confidential service provided by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office.


For additional information regarding the V.I.N.E. system or assistance in registering for V.I.N.E., call the Detention Center Victim Witness Office at (843) 529-7471.


For further information on any other services provided to crime victims, call the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 202-1700.


Other Tri-County Victim Witness Offices:
North Charleston Police Department (843) 740-2824
Mt. Pleasant Police Department (843) 884-4357
Summerville Police Department (843) 871-2463
Hanahan Police Department (843) 554-4221
Goose Creek Police Department (843) 863-5200 ext. 340
Dorchester County (843) 832-0321
Berkeley County (843) 577-9562
Solicitor’s Office (843) 958-1983



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