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Sheriff's Office - Charleston County, South Carolina
Warrants Division

In case of an Emergency dial 911


Lt. Ron Maugans Sgt. John Wilson
(843) 529-7391 (843) 529-7391

The Sheriff's Office is expressly directed by statute to be a conservator of the peace and , therefore-in accordance with the provisions of section 23-15-50 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended, must arrest all persons for whom criminal warrants have been issued.   Consequently, it is the policy of the Sheriff's Office to effect these duties in a diligent and timely manner.  The Charleston County Sheriff's Office has deputies assigned to investigate and effect arrest to ensure its compliance with this statute.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  Why hasn't my warrant  been served?

A:  Generally warrants of a serious nature are attempted as soon as possible.  Others are attempted as we gather additional information on a subject (i.e. exact whereabouts, place of employment, places frequented).  Persons having information on wanted subjects are encouraged to contact our warrants office at (843) 529-7391 during normal business hours, or for urgent attention after hours, consolidated dispatch at (843) 202-1700.  You may also contact Crimestoppers anonymously at (843) 554-1111.  Finally, you may contact Sgt. H. Phillips or Lt. R. Antonio at the E-Mail addresses listed above.


Q:  How do I turn myself in to the Sheriff's Office if there is a warrant for my arrest?


A:  If you have a Violation Check Law warrant you may call the warrants office and make an appointment to meet a deputy at the Bond Court.  The warrant will then be served and a bond hearing will follow.  Many times a person who turns himself/herself in will be given a Personal Recognizance (PR) bond, meaning they will not have to go to jail.  You will be provided a court date and we will then photograph and fingerprint you.  Following that, you will be free to leave.


If the warrant is of a more serious nature you may still call the Warrants Office at the number listed above to make arrangements to turn yourself in.  If it is during non-business hours, you may call (843) 202-1700 to make the appropriate arrangements.  You may also turn yourself in at the Charleston County Detention Center on Leeds Avenue or at the Sheriff's Office Headquarters located at 3505 Pinehaven Drive in North Charleston.


Q:  I missed my magistrate court date.  What should I do?


A:  First call the magistrate's office and inquire if a  warrant was issued.  If not, you may be able to pay your fine at the magistrate's office.  If a bench warrant has been issued then contact the warrants office and make an appointment with the deputy.  Bring cash in the exact amount of the fine and you may meet the deputy at the Bond Court.  The deputy will then serve the warrant, you will pay the fine to the Bond Court, be fingerprinted, photographed and released.


Q:  How do I have my record cleared?


A:  There are two ways to have your record cleared.  One way is an Order of Expungement.  If you were arrested by the Sheriff's Office you may get a copy of your disposition from our records office located at 3505 Pinehaven Drive.  You must then take this disposition to the Solicitor's Office located downtown at the O.T. Wallace County Office Building.  They will then determine whether you may qualify for an Order of Expungement.

The second method is through the Pre-Trial Intervention program.  This is also administered by the Solicitor's Office.  They can provide you with the appropriate information.  They may be contacted at 843-958-1900.




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