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Sheriff's Office - Charleston County, South Carolina


The Processing Division is comprised of four teams. These four Teams are assigned to 12.25-hour rotating shifts that alternate on a twenty-eight day cycle between days and nights. This division processes approximately 33,000 inmates a year; more than the entire South Carolina Department of Corrections.


The initial contact with the detention setting can be and often is a very difficult experience to an arrested person. It is extremely important that security procedures are followed to ensure the safety of the person arrested, the arresting officer, and facility personnel. Detention Center personnel are committed professionals who will take every opportunity to provide necessary information to a person under arrest.


After charges are reviewed and it is determined that a person is to be committed to the Detention Center, a search must be accomplished. All searches of inmates by SACDC personnel are conducted with maximum respect and minimum physical discomfort to the inmate as allowed by safety and security considerations. Officers use only the force necessary to affect the search to assure that contraband does not enter the facility.


The SACDC facility is the only facility in South Carolina to have a 287G program which is a two year Federal contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The 287(g) program requires all foreign born inmates to be interviewed by a 287(g) officer either at the time of intake or at the time of releasing using the ENFORCE Program. The inmate will be fingerprinted by the 287(g) officer and the fingerprints will be processed through the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) and IDENT system to ensure proper identity. If the inmate is in the country illegally, he/she will be served an I-247 form and detained for ICE custody. Custody of the inmate will be transferred to ICE upon completion of local and state charges.


To ensure that all inmates’ property is accurately accounted for, an inventory is accomplished for the inmate’s review and signature. Property is securely stored. All inmates are photographed and fingerprinted. Then each inmate is assigned a pin number which allows them access to the telephones and commissary. Newly admitted inmates are permitted at least two free telephone calls during the Intake/Booking process. All other telephone calls made by inmates are collect.


Inmates are then interviewed by our classification department to determine if they have enemies, co-defendants, gang affiliations, or request protective custody. The information collected is utilized, along with other information, to decide an inmate’s custody level and housing assignment utilizing the Northpointe objective classification system. These officers also orient inmates with the Detention Center’s Inmate Handbook.


The inmate will proceed to the screening nurse located in the processing area. The nurse will verify all the inmates’ medical information provided during the admission process, obtain the inmates medical history, and address any concerns that need immediate medical attention.


Once the inmate has completed all of these areas the inmate will await their bond hearing. Our Bond Hearing Department consists of four officers who coordinate inmate appearances before the Bond Judges. They ensure all paperwork is accurate and entered into the Jail Management System (JMS) in a timely manner.


All bond hearings are conducted via video conferencing to alleviate inmate movement outside of the facility. Friends or family may attend their bond hearing at the Centralized Bond Hearing office located at 3870 Leeds Ave Suite 106 North Charleston, South Carolina 29405.

Bond Hearing Schedule:


Central Bond Hearing (843)-746-9822

10:00a.m. Seven days a week

2:00p.m. Seven days a week

7:00p.m. Monday through Friday


City of Charleston (843)-724-7160

1:00p.m. Monday through Friday

8:30a.m. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays


North Charleston (843) 554-5700

11:00a.m. Seven days a week


The final step in the processing of an inmate is having the inmate dressed out. Our dress-out department is responsible for issuing all uniforms, linen, and personal hygiene items. The inmates’ clothing, personal and valuable property will be safely secured in our designated property storage rooms. Access to this room is restricted to only authorized personnel to ensure property is protected. Our facility does not have the space to store excess property and if an inmate is brought in with excess it is returned to the arresting officer for storage.





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